The Parade

I saw a comment saying that Pride Weekend was disgusting to our culture and asking only of hate…this was my 39 second response (I timed it) ….
Why must we say one is better than the other…a celebration of rights, freedoms, sexuality, love, humor, equality come in many forms….some like to be political in their activist nature others of our fellow tribe just want to party in the streets. Don’t create a divided consciousness…why not allow for and celebrate all aspects of each individuals experience of pride. My pride experience has nothing to do with pleasing ‘the straights’…it’s not their parade…it’s mine! It’s a celebration of our great community…every aspect of said community…without judgements! Be grateful that you can celebrate in your own way…that freedom is extremely extraordinary!

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Equality for Real

I once had to serve a pregnant woman Margaritas…I had A Huge personal objection. To the point of tears…however…she violated no law, broke no rules and my personal opinion had no place in me serving her….so I did my job as a bartender. My job was to serve drinks, get paid for said drinks and move on…I could have quit with my personal objections…but I did what I was required to do…That was my job….so to the southern states denying the law of the land…shut the fuck up, do your job or quit! #EqualityWon

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Ok…call me a fag! But…

To every person who still wants to call me a fag! Go ahead…but realistically…you do realize you lost. You did not win! For every occasion you screamed it, for every battle you provided us, for every time you killed us…in the end…we won! We can love, we can have sex, we can marry, we cannot be discriminated against, we can have housing, jobs, federal recognition, the right to fight for our country openly…Equal rights…my god we can even vote. You can hurl your names…just as some hurl travesty against black people…but the reality…you tried to void us with legislation…and we won! Like we do! We always win…So I would take this time to look at yourself. Don’t focus on two men or two women consensually loving each other! And focus on the rights issues that are plaguing this world… when women in third world countries are being circumsized so they don’t ever enjoy sex, women who can’t literally drive a car in certain countries because they are literally ‘women’ , poverty that is so extreme that a family of 5 is surviving on a ragu and pasta from the dollar store without nutrients. People fighting for a chance…Families that are still struggling for strong education because every school in the district is closed. How about ending ALL DISCRIMINATION without prejudice because its the right thing to do. Stop focusing on two people who consensually love each other and start focusing on people who are in need of your actual help! We are better than hate!

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How Could I Want More – Jamie Lynn Spears

I just used Shazam to discover How Could I Want More by Jamie Lynn Spears.

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Kelly Ripa Just Saw What 5.5 Inches Looks Like And She’s Not Impressed

Kelly Ripa Just Saw What 5.5 Inches Looks Like And She’s Not Impressed

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I am loving 20 questions!

If you learned you had only 120 days left to live, how would you spend those days? With my Mother and Sisters!

What is your favorite saying? ‘My Stars’! Or ‘Hugs’

What is your greatest fear? Loneliness

What historical person do you most admire–and why? Martin Luther King…it was that beginning voice…for all people who asked for equality

What living person do you most admire–and why? Oprah…To come from literal poverty to a billionaire…how can you not respect that drive.

Have you ever shot a gun? Yes. Once. And it still haunts me.

What living person do you most despise–and why? George Bush..there is no need for explanation! And if I need to explain…we are not friends.

At what time in your life were you the happiest you can remember being? I don’t remember my exact age… I just remember singing ‘Tomorrow’ from Annie in front of my Mother, my back turned, But I was happy! I knew I loved to be on stage.

What is your favorite journey so far? Berlin

What is your most prized possession? My Dog Lily

What is your greatest talent? Acting

Which talent would you most like to have? Singer

What words or phrases do you overuse? Whatever!

What is your greatest regret? No regrets. Appreciate Life Lessons

What do you most like and dislike about your appearance? My weight!

How do feel right now, what is your current state of mind? Feeling great!

What do you consider your greatest achievement? Getting into SAG

What two qualities in people do you most admire and value? Compassion and Humor

What do you think is the most important life question? How can I help?

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…and 13 more…you all better know me by now!

How old were you when you had your first relationship? 24??? Maybe?

Ever been heartbroken? Yes. Beyond yes!

What was it like? My heart turned cold

Whats the last thing you think about before you go to sleep? Rent

What about when you wake up? Rent

Do you lie about your age? Yes

Ever done drugs? I was young once

How good do you think you are? I think that I have sincere compassion…you alone can define that

Do you go to Church? No!

What inspires you? Passion

What is your goal? To act and to educate

What does life mean to you? Education

Do you like this your current government? No

What song inspires you? Stronger- Britney Spears

Tell me your nightly dreams? It is like a full blown summer blockbuster in my head every night there is no constant story

What drives/motivates you? Passion for education and the arts

Did you have a good childhood? Honestly. Yes. Very good.

Do you like your parents? I adore my Mother….does that answer the rest of the question?

Are you mean to people? Yes. Rarely.

Why do people misunderstand you? I am erratic, emotional, and breathe and think with my heart first

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